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Commissioner Mimica in Cuba to discuss EU-Cuba development cooperation

European Commission Daily News – 21.06.2019

Immagine Commissioner Mimica in Cuba to discuss EU-Cuba development cooperation Source: Press release European Commission 

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica is in Cuba to discuss development cooperation between Cuba and the EU. Arriving in Cuba,Commissioner Mimica said: “Since we signed the Political Dialogue andCooperation Agreement with Cuba in December 2016, we are discussing how we can build on the agreement’s early success in particular through the agriculture, energy and climatechange dialogues. During my visit I want to focus on discussing how our ongoing cooperation is supporting Cuba economic development, in particular through the modernisation of theeconomy.” Commissioner Mimica will address a forum on Cuba’s economic challenges and next opportunities and the role of EU support in that context. He willhold bilateral meetings with Government members. He will also discuss a number of local development cooperation projects that have received EU support. Lastly, the Commissioner will sign a newagreement with Cuba for almost €4 million that will facilitate trade and investments with Cuba, as well as support the economic modernisation in the country.