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Cycling among great mountains: Ultracycling Dolomitica is back

Immagine Ultracycling Dolomitica  vola con Air Dolomiti  
Source: Ultracycling Dolomitica press office
Treviso, 20th January 2015 - From Mt Grappa to San Pellegrino pass, from passes Fedaia toPordoi, from Valparola to GiauOver 600 kilometres cycling through the three regions of North-Eastern Italy. Sixteen mountain and Dolomites passes to climb cycling hard.
Over 16 thousand metres of overall difference in rise to face in just over 24 hours.

An epic feat, on the background of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Ultracycling Dolomitica is ready to start again. The countdown will end on Friday 4th September, when the second edition of what is considered the hardest cycling competition in the world will start from Cordignano, in the province of Treviso at the heart of Veneto, the most touristic Italian region.
It is an appointment that fans of this kind of event cannot miss. Enthusiasts arrived from all over the world to cycle among the Dolomites during the first edition in 2014. 

In 2015 Ultracycling Dolomitica will be, if possible, even harder: the organizers of Asd Nova Virtus have introduced two variations which add 18 kilometres to the 2014 course. The first one, shortly after the start, will lead cyclists to climb the famous Muro di Ca del Poggio, the rise among vineyards in San Pietro di Feletto which has been covered also by the last two editions of Giro d’Italia.
The second one will extend the course near Belluno.
The sixteen mountain or Dolomites rises which will see Ultracycling Dolomitica cyclists struggling are Combai Madean PianezzeMt Tomba and Mt Grappapasses Gobbera, Brocon, Manghen, San Pellegrino, Fedaia, Pordoi (which will be matched to Nova Ditexbrand, one of the main partners of Ultracycling Dolomitica 2015), Campolongo, Valparola, Giau, Staulanza, Duran, Aurine, Nevegal and Crosetta.

The competition will be dedicated to Vito Favero, the heroic Treviso cyclist of the past, who ranked second at Tour de France 1958 and first at two stages of Giro dItalia. 

Ultracycling Dolomitica will be valid as second and last competition of the National UIC Championship and as qualifier of Race Across America, the most famous ultracycling event in the USA.

But it will not be an event just for specialists of this kind of competition. Giorgio Bosi, the organizer in charge of Ultracycling Dolomitica explains that We have also planned place lists for teams of two and four people who may take turns along the course. 
If 606 km and 16 passes to climb are not a feat for everyone, sharing such an effort among two or four people makes the competition accessible to a larger number of cyclists. The magic of Ultracycling Dolomitica and the charm of the peaks which wrote the history of cycling promise to win over a lot of enthusiasts.

You can already apply: for further information visit
Photo of a stretch of Ultracycling Dolomitica 2014